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Our Law Firm Understands The Concerns Of Bay Area Families.

Resolving Custody And Visitation Disputes

Whether they are high or low conflict, custody and visitation disputes threaten the welfare of your children. Some are settled amicably in a divorce agreement, but many cases stretch out over time. There are complicated, ongoing challenges faced by married and unmarried parents alike.

Strategies For Protection And Peace Of Mind

At Erlandson Family Law in San Mateo, we work with you to resolve custody and visitation disagreements. Whether you are in the process of getting a divorce, reworking an existing agreement or seeking enforcement, we are here to help you settle your family conflict.

At our firm, you will get direct and honest answers about your situation. We provide personal customer service that considers your case and the best options for you going forward. We will create a strategy to protect your children and to find a schedule or custody agreement that works.

An Experienced Advocate For You and Your Children

Attorney Farimah F. Erlandson guides clients through the process, seeking solutions that present peace of mind. The best interests of your child will determine any court decision. Ms. Erlandson works with you to reach an agreement that works best for your individualized situation.

Ms. Erlandson is experienced in California family law. She understands the difficult balance to supply the best life for your kids during a family dispute and significant life event. She works to minimize the impact and to protect you and your family from harm.

As a San Mateo resident, she’s aware of the unique challenges parents face in the Bay Area, such as ensuring adequate living expenses and child support. She’ll personally work with you on your case all the way, from the in-house consultation to fighting for you in court.

We’re Dedicated To Your Case

Call our office at 650-399-0990 to speak with a lawyer about custody, visitation or other family law concern, or send us an email through our website. We’ll work with you to find a solution.